Church Project Proposal


The project is part of a wider socio-economic development programme and comprises the initial efforts of organising the people and clarifying and articulating the issues for action. The main activity proposed for this phase is the construction of two (2) church buildings as a means of mobilising the people in the community. The proposal shows justification for the construction of the church buildings not only because religion is an integral part of this rural folk but also that the churches will be instrumental to the implementation of the other development activities, acting as catalysts and initial triggers for action.

ON a November 2009 visit the project was getting on well but needs more money for completion. The building is already well used and there had been a wedding the weekend before my visit. The main needs at the moment are a strong door and the completion of the back which will include an office, a vestory and the pastors house. The aformentioned expedition contributed something, but for just £ 60,000, the above will be completed and we can move on to church 2. The church is not just aboutr religion but is the only man made landmark for miles and serves 66 thousand people.

Dr Mark Beaumont, 8th December 2009

Lighthouse Mission International Limited


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  1. hello Dr.Robert, I am glad you and your team under toke such a project,for sure this way you are giving glory to God,hopefully i am looking forward to inspiring my village to build and complete their church that has stalled for ages
    cheer up for the Lord is with you.

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